Asia Cuanon™ Shimo Expanded Polystyrene Panels(SEPS) Plastering Exterior Wall Insulation System

Great insulation and good comprehensive performances are considered as important advantages of Asia Cuanon™ Shimo Expanded Polystyrene Panels Plastering Exterior Wall Insulation System. Thesysten applies in summer-hot and winter-cold areas, cold or severe cold places, where paints are suggested as surfaces.

Asia Cuanon™ SEPS are based on raw material Neopor® from BASF, which shows great insulation feature. At the same time, SEPS contain infrared absorbents, while those absorbents and reflectors lower heat conductivity. Hereis an energy-saving case, as graphite polystyrene panels are viewed as insulation materials, thickness of panels are reduced by 20% compared with that of common EPS.