Multi-colored paint products use “water in water” technology and a colorful stone imitation effect can be presented by single gun spraying, imitating stone yet surpass stone. Among them, Asia Paint Royal Coating is an independent and innovative high-tech product of Asia Paint Company (invention patent number: 00810038059.4). The product has unique technical elements and value characteristics of Asia Paint. It produces the fusion of multi-color particles in the film-forming process after spraying construction, which makes the color clear and natural, and this characteristic achieves the effect of stone-like texture and quality, which makes the decorative effect of this product 95% similar to that of stone. Because the product adopts full fluorosilicone system, its durability can also be comparable to that of stone.

Asia Paint Multi-colored paint series include:Asia Paint Royal Coating materials (the 3rd generation), Asia Paint Ning Coating (smooth/Litchi surface), Asia Paint Limestone Coating

duct Features

Random “stone”

1.png  It can be segmented into arbitrary shapes, and rough surface or plane surface effect can be achieved. It is no longer limited by the existing size and texture of stone.

1.png  Although the color pattern originates from granite, its effect is better than that of granite. The shade of color and the size of the pattern are customized according to the demand, and there is no batch color difference problem.

1.png  It is suitable for all kinds of concrete base, thin plaster base and masonry surface. It can be sprayed on curved surface, special-shaped wall surface and various three-dimensional surface. It has a wide range of applications.

Excellent performance and wide application

1.png   Fluorosilicone resin system, the main coatings and top coatings have excellent anti-ultraviolet ability. The auxiliary products have good compatibility. The coating system has stable performance, providing long-term protection for building facades. 

1.png  It has strong resistance to suspended particulate matter and acid-base compounds. Even if it is polluted, it can be easily removed by water-based detergent, which will not affect the coating effect and will show texture and color for a long time.

Fine Usability

1.png  It not only reduces the ore mining and energy consumption, but also is the best decorative material for exterior wall insulation system, which conforms to the vision and trend of energy saving and sustainable development.

1.png  Safe and environmentally friendly water-based coating system, no irritating odor, environmentally friendly.


Product Name

Effect of Replacing Granite

Raw Material Features


Asia Paint Royal Coating


Organic silicone emulsion


Asia Paint Ning Coating


Organic silicone emulsion


Asia Paint Limestone Coating


Organic silicone emulsion