Functional Elastic Coatings products can effectively solve the problem of cracks in the wall base. They are suitable for all kinds of new buildings and refurbishment of old wall projects. Provide better protection for the exterior wall and make the exterior facade lasting and beautiful with their excellent crack resistance and high pollution resistance. Asia Paint Company is the founder of functional elastic coatings. The innovative high-build elastic coatings not only brought the covering-cracks function of elastic coatings to the extreme, but also historically solved the four major shortcomings of traditional elastic coatings: poor pollution resistance, poor tensile strength, after-tack in high temperature and loss of elasticity in low temperature.

Functional Elastic Coatings include:

Asia Paint Clean Exterior Wall Elastic Coatings, Asia Paint E9000 Elastic Coatings - (A/D), Asia Paint Multifunctional Elastic Coatings.

Product Features

High elasticity, cover small cracks

1.png  The wall base that used cement mortar screeding or cement paste plastering often appears micro-cracks under the influence of temperature change, alternation of humidity, freeze-thaw cycle and other factors, while the elastic coating film is stretched and deformed but will not crack. The coating film can still maintain its original barrier function and prevent the cracked parts from direct exposure to the erosion of the atmosphere and other substances, effectively enhance the protection of the facade coating system.

Core-shell technology, good dist-resistance

1.png  The film technique used in Asia Paint elastic coatings can make the coatings have core-shell structure, inner soft and outer hard. It not only keeps the elasticity of the film, but also keeps the dust from melting into the film and only adhere to the surface of the film. The greatest defect of general elastic coatings is low dirt-resistance. Usually, the higher the elasticity, the worse the dirt-resistance performance; the higher the temperature, the worse the dirt-resistance performance. When exposed to high temperature during the day, the coating becomes soft and sticky, and fuses with the dust attached to the surface of the coating. When the temperature drops at night, the film hardens again, the dust is completely integrated into the film, and can never be cleaned.

Self-cleaning, never growing old

1.png  The TPA multi-directional balance control technology is used in the Asia Paint functional elastic coating series products, which makes it easier for rainwater and dirt to spread on the surface of the compact coating film. The dirt on the surface is easy to be taken away after rainwater has flowed, so as to avoid the appearance of flow marks and keep the exterior wall clean and tidy.

Breathing coating, waterproof and breathable

1.png  Asia Paint Functional Elastic Coatings have air permeability and waterproof structure. They have high air permeability and can prevent film from expanding, peeling and water coagulating in buildings. 

1.png  Excellent waterproof performance, prevent rainwater from entering coating and wall, protect wall from the erosion foreign material.


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Asia Paint Functional Elastic Coatings




Asia Paint E9000 Elastic Coatings




Asia Paint Clean Exterior Wall Elastic Coatings